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Q. What's the news on the Tiny Home Community?

A. We are have partnered with the Echo Tiny Home Community!

 The community is currently taking applications for New Members.

 Please visit for more info!  

Q. How long does it take to build a tiny home?

A. 60-90 days for our Pre-built homes, 3-4 weeks longer for Custom Builds.

Q. Do you ship your tiny homes throughout the US and Hawaii?

A. We deliver anywhere within 100 miles of San Diego! 
Q. Can I see your tiny home floor plans, view your models in person, and get a quote?

A. Yes! Please fill out our buyers application first, then we can connect with you!

Q. Are your tiny homes safe to take traveling throughout the year?
A. Yes! Our ALPINE model is the best traveler! Designed a bit smaller than conventional Tiny Homes so it can better handle the roadways!

Q. Can I modify your pre-built tiny homes or customize my appliances and finishes?
A. Yes! Add on things like compostable or incinerating toilets, french doors for more space, single story living/sleeping, and more!

Q. How big can you go on a tiny home?
A. We typically build Tiny Homes between 16ft- 32ft long, and between 8-10 feet wide, always designed on our Custom Built Trailers.

Q. Do you build tiny homes for foundations (off wheels)?

A. We only build our units on wheels. 

Q. What is the cost of a tiny home?
A. It varies depending on how the home is finished. BUT a rough formula for figuring out the cost is to multiply the length of the home by $2000. Example : 20ft Tiny Home X $2K per foot = $40,000.00 cost to finish. (Trailer not included in formula)

For a shell, use the same equation, but only estimate $1000 per foot in length. Ex: 20 ft Shell = $20,000 (Trailer not included)

Q. What are my tiny home financing options?
A. We are not currently offering in house financing, HOWEVER we do RVIA certify our tiny homes! This means you can finance your tiny home with an RV loan from your bank! Find out more by reading this article...